VIDEO: “Shattering the Myth of incurable Disease”

See this first. NBC report on Australian, Dr Sam Chachoua.

(AustraliaMatters) Above is a talk by Australian Dr. Sam Chachoua. My take on cancer has taken a sharp 180 in the last few days after having come across this mans work. I’m no doctor, but I can understand what this doctor describes.

The human  immune system can’t see cancer. Conventional treatments like chemotherapy can’t see cancer!

As described in the short NBC clip, Dr. Sam Chachoua attaches an easily beaten virus to the cancer so the bodies immune system can then see it, and kill both the harmless virus and cancer. leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

It’s best to hear the information straight from the doctor. This information was from late 1990’s to early 2000. How much $$ has the cancer industry made off us since then? How many have died in vain? How many Julia Gillards and Tony Abborts walk past this information each day? How many AMA members do the same?

Bolsheviks and Nazi’s had nothing on the global MIDC. (medical industrial depopulation complex).

 -Rod Freeman

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