Sex suspect ‘protected’

David Samuel Cyprys

(SMH) PROMINENT members of the Melbourne Jewish community lied to the police, covered up an alleged sex scandal and protected a man accused of repeatedly molesting children from a school in St Kilda East, a court has been told. Locksmith and security guard David Samuel Cyprys, 43, was yesterday charged with 16 counts of indecent assault and 13 counts of gross indecency claimed to have been committed between 1984 and 1991. […] Ms Bazzani said Cyprys would not be released on bail until he surrendered his passport and any other travel documents to police. Cyprys was remanded to reappear on December 2. Read more

Editors note: It’s not just Catholics that protect  perverts. Non-Semites from the line of Japheth >> Gomer >> Ashkenaz also have weaknesses. We used to visit Vicky Polin’s site exposing perverts before protectors shut up her up.

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