Gays VS Torah


(Australiamatters) This week a gay musician from Brisbane Darren Hayes is upset with the Christian based Salvation Army. I find it odd that gays never seem to have problems with Jewish organisations. Why would that happen? The following is a parody with a twist to highlight advantageous double standards…

 – – – –  parody start – – – – –

Homosexual: That Christian Salvation army organisation is homophobic!!!

Salvation Army supporter: The Salvation army upholds Torah laws.

Homosexual: Torah?

Salvation Army supporter: Yes, also known as the Old Testament. It has 613 laws. One of those laws says homosexuality is a sin. In the Torah passage from Genesis 19, God burns homosexuals alive at Sodom and Gomorrah.

Homosexual: What the hell dose that have to do with me publicly smearing the Christian based Salvation Army as a homophobic hate organisation?

Salvation Army supporter: The Salvation Army’s policy that’s upsetting you is Jewish law. Jewish Torah law that is supported by the Australian government. Standing Order 50 for example. Do you have a problem with Jews?

Homosexual: No, of course not.

Salvation Army supporter: Ow, because if you did, that would make you anti-Torah, anti-God, and an anti-Semite!

Homosexual: [silence]

– – – –  parody end – – – –

The religion of Islam is also anti-gay. Allah (PBUH) forbids homosexuality. The Koran has anti-gay laws. Do you think we’ll ever see gays taking on Australian Islamic organisations? No of course not!

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