Rudd’s Mate: Barry Obama


Obama’s mates with communist terrorists such as Bill Ayers (top right) that planned to over throw the US government and kill Americans that would reject communism.

(AustraliaMatters) Today we learn comrade Rudd’s hiring US propagandists to smear his supposed opposition. Guess who’s paying the bill? Is this lawful? Who’s paying the bill? On the up side, this smacks of an abundance of morals in Australia. If we had scum in Australia with no morals, then Rudd wouldn’t be looking abroad to the scum in chief (that’s buddies with terrorists such as communist Bill Ayers) for help. Unfortunately the majority of Australians are sheep and will fall for this scam to get “carbon tax” Rudd back in with the blessing of an ass clown who’s Whitehouse birth certificate is a fraud. Although, if Liberals put that former bankster Turdball (sic) in instead…ow well anyway, same old crap.

related Rudd’s other buddy, China’s communist minster of propaganda.