[“Lord”] Rothschild gives Gillard, Abbott an F

Unelected head master David de Rothschild's gives pupil Juliar Gillard an F

Unelected new world odor head master, "lord" David de Rothschild gives pupil Juliar (sic) Gillard an F

(SMH) Adventurer and conservationist David de Rothschild has branded Australia’s two major political parties “almost” climate change deniers. The 31-year-old heir to the Rothschild banking fortune says Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott are as bad as each other when it comes to tackling climate change. “It’s frustrating for me to see two politicians jab at each other, trying to win votes by coming out with statements that are basically short-term, populist policies that aren’t going to set the platform for a sustainable future,” he told AAP. Read more from our Lord Rothschild.

In 2007 this lump of dog manure was a carbon tax  “denier” on the Alex Jones show. What is it with Jewish people like Rothschild and their use of the word “denier” every five seconds to whack gentiles over the head? Jones point blank accused Rothschilds of wanting to set up a global carbon tax. “lord” Rothschild denied it. Hear for yourself here.

  • Well ….”The chosen people” have a tendency to twist the truth to suit themselves, you should know by now Rod that “The chosen people” are NEVER wrong, attempting to prove otherwise is fruitless after all we are in fact dealing with a Superior race that are not a Race at all. Global warming Bwahahahaaaa the sky is falling!

  • Jacob’s (AKA Israel) race was Hebrew, not ‘Jewish’. Jacobs children and their descendants were all Hebrew, not Jewish. Judaism is a family line of Hebrews, not a racial line of ‘Jews’.

    The first five books of the Torah (Old Testament) say nothing of ‘Jews’.

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    The “superior” like Rothschild need doctors when they bleed. Yeap, G-d created the whole universe, yet the “chosen ones” need man made medicine.

    There is nothing superior behind the curtain Toto pulled back.

  • All noted Rod, parasitology is one of my weaker subjects 🙂

  • God on you, whoops, good on you Mr Majestic. Sorry for the babble. As a luke warm Jesus lover (he whipped banksters), I have no favoritism here about another group whether they be Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic etc. I’m Australia First and Standing Order 50. Sometime that involves looking behind what motivates the politics of those that funded the 1948 occupation of Palestine. I’ve got a local campaign going on about Chinese talking public streets over in my home town as well. I believe you might know the site. It had a revamp last nightand will be my grass root focus for a while.