Review: Go Back To Where You Came From

Go Back To Where You Came From

(AustraliaMatters) You’ll find chicken teeth around here before you find a working TV set, thus we missed the documentary SBS aired recently called “Go Back To Where You Came From”. I watched all three episodes online last night. Those that missed it, six Australian’s with very very different view points regarding ‘back door immigration’ were taken around the world to see first hand what life is like before people decide to leave their homelands for nations like Australia. I wasn’t real keen on watching this at first, but after five minutes I had to see the whole lot. While ‘backdoor’ immigration isn’t the answer, and we agree ‘backdoor’ immigration is a complex issue, we give this documentary a big thumbs up. Full documentary is here

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  • I missed this damn it, i seen it advertized and was really looking forward to watching it hopefully someone can supply me with a copy? i would watch online but only limited to 2 gig data.

  • I’ll send it to ya when I figure out how my computer works, πŸ™‚
    McDonald have free wifi but it’s slow and the food will kill ya.

  • Yes very nice Sir Rod that will be good, at present I am down just nth of Newcastle it is absolutely freezinnnnn and has been rainin for the past 4 days solid (check the radar) it is about minus 500 and i was awoken early this mornin by a polar bear and an arctic fox tryin to climb into bed with me for warmth.

    Anyway thanks again for that, i better go now and shew the emperor penguins off the driveway they look lost.


  • You are having imaginations.
    Juliar Gillard said it’s hot, global warming and all that stuff.
    Please check what planet you are on.
    My radar says hot, hot, hot.


  • If Gillard dident B.S she would be a ………………… MUTE πŸ™‚