Revealed: TrapWire spy cams’ ticket to Australia

Left: TrapWire Logo

(SMH) ) (google cache) A shadowy private security company with deep links to the CIA – and a parent company awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in Australian government transport contracts – is operating a pervasive global surveillance and facial recognition network on behalf of law enforcement.

Over the past few days the internet has been abuzz with revelations regarding TrapWire, an analytical system that integrates with surveillance cameras to capture photographs or video evidence of “suspicious activity”.

All Australians should be concerned about the outsourcing of Australian government (or military operations) to foreign-owned, private contractors with links to spy agencies

TrapWire is owned by the multinational conglomerate, Cubic Corporation, which in 2010 signed a $370 million contract with the NSW Government to provide Sydney’s electronic ticketing system for public transport, based on the London Oyster card system.

In April this year it was awarded a $65 million contract to provide services to CityRail and also runs the Brisbane “go card” system.

Fairfax is seeking comment from the government about whether there has been any consideration of bringing the TrapWire system here.

The TrapWire story began late last week, when emails from a private intelligence company, Stratfor – originally released as part of WikiLeaks’s Global Intelligence Files in February – appeared online. Read more (google cache)

Editors note: Obviously it’s illegal for foreign intelligence agencies to spy on Australian Sovereign citizens on Australian soil. How would one get around such a problem? Set up an international COMPANY run by former CIA employees such as intelligence officer Dan Botsch, Director of Business Development Michael T Maness,  and Director of Operations, Michael K Chang? Get your intelligent company’s foot in the Australian door by first selling bus and rail ticketing systems, BUT with a vision to expand into TrapWire?

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