Report Spur-throated locust sightings

locust-plague.jpg(TheLand) PASTURE and crops throughout north-west NSW face a serious threat from the biggest outbreak of the unusual Spur-throated locust in more than 40 years. Farmers have reported damage to pasture, corn, cotton, citrus, legumes, and sorghum, around Narromine, Nyngan, Bourke, Walgett, Collarenebri and Warren. NSW Primary Industries Minister, Steve Whan, said the outbreak came off the back of a wet, warm and humid season. “The much larger Spur-throated locust is a ferocious eater and can completely destroy a crop overnight,” he said. “Spur-throated locusts are mainly a tropical species of Queensland and Northern Territory and do not normally reach plague proportions in NSW.” read more

Put ya Bibles down, but be ready again to feel food price hikes hit the wallet.

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