Qld council mergers catastrophic: ex-mayor

Mike Berwick

(Business Spectator) Forced council amalgamations were a catastrophe for one far north Queensland community, its former mayor says. Mike Berwick was the mayor of the Douglas Shire, north of Cairns, for 17 years. He says the state government’s decision to force the local council, and others, to merge with Cairns council sparked unbridled anger in the community. He says rates went up by 30 per cent in the first year. But one of the most contentious developments came when decision-makers in Cairns decided to add fluoride to the conservation-minded community’s water supply. Read more

Editors note: Just think, councils are still not recognised in the Australia Constitution. We were asked at referendum if we wanted to include councils (AKA local government) into the Constitution, but we said no. So in effect we’re paying rates and obeying a COMPANY. A non-governmental COMPANY with an ABN that’s only supposed to collect the trash and look after our parks and seaways. On the Gold Coast we have a clown no one gets to vote for above the Mayor called a “CEO”. Ain’t that obvious enough? Ow well, 1986 when a fabian Hawke was in power, we seen the implementation of the “1986 Australia Act” that deemed Australia a “sovereign, independent, nation”. Sounds good if you can’t stand QEII. Trouble was the same year the fabian hawks also registered Australia as an upper case COMPANY with that U.S SEC. Today Gillard is the CEO of the “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CIK#: 0000805157″. Amalgamation was another post 1986 Constitutional treason scam to lump councils into a more controllable bundle. The UN’s treasonous Agenda 21 ties into the amalgamations. More on that later when I find my notes about the Ipswich (Qld) council ass kissing the foreign UN a few years back.