Qantas VS Gillard Tax

(AustraliaMatters) While Qantas is increasing local airfares to help cover the carbon tax rubbish, Juliar Gillard is else where ensuring the sheeple that carbon tax gougers will be faced with “$1 million” dollar fines. Pure comedy.

  • Cambell

    Yeah and 10% of that theft/tax is going to the UN to fund guess what, more global agenda’s by filthy bankers

  • When the Climate Gate Emails came out in 2009 the
    Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) dropped to 5c per tonne of carbon before it stopped trading alltogeather as those buying were now more fearfull of being involved in a global scam then buying a printed price of paper justifying dangerious polutions…
    In 2007 the EU ETS dropped to 0 per tonne, the climate gate emails in 2009 showed how it was all a scam from the inside, but those who did their research realized it 2 years earlier without the inside proof that was presented later…

    Rothchild bought them all up from CCX, and carried on the EU ETS selling something that was worth “LESS THEN NOTHING” because most owners got rid of any holidings because of legal advice “remember at the time people were talking about hanging these GLOBAL SCAM Artists and anyone backing the global scam…” having one was like having the mark of the devil in a time of inquisition, yet rothchild went about gathering all others did not want.

    4 years after the ETS was worth 0, and 2 years after Climate Gate Crashed the carbon price to 5c/per ton
    Rothchild Moved the CARBON CREDITS “their just 0’s and 1’s on a computer screen” to Australia
    Got the Gillard Government Muppets to just talk about a $27 per ton price and made 54,000% increase on his “rothshilds” CCX investment in 2 years of government corruption and missinformation “history repeats this is the same game his family played on the British exchange during the British victory over napoleon -err Carbon disinformation”

    This isnt even being covered…. its not just a scam, its a foreign plan to profit deceivingly from the Australian people where Gillard is helping the forigners at the Australian peoples EXPENSE

    it is simply TREASON FOR 30 pieces of silver….