Push for GM canola, SA farmers urged

Ban Monsanto(SMH) Biotechnology company Monsanto is urging South Australian grain growers to think about whether they want to be one of only two states to ban genetically modified (GM) canola. […] Monsanto, among pro-GM groups, has already started ramping up the pressure against the SA government following a decision by the Barnett government in Western Australia to overturn a state ban on GM canola. read more

Translated into Australian: A foreign owned company founded by the Jewish Monsanto family human slave owners that  are not an elected part of the Australia government or accountable to the citizens of Australia in anyway over unlabeled frankin food that kills rats, thinks they have some God given right to stomp around Australia and demand the SA government bends over and takes it like WA, VIC and NSW did.

The MUST WATCH documentary they won’t show us on Australian TV  "The World According To Monsanto"
Download link is here (250mb)