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(AustraliaMatters) Just when we’d forgotten the grubby Labor Rudd VS Gillard back stabbing circus, along comes Turdball. (spelt incorrectly on purpose)

We were taught in school that the Australian Liberal party was ‘Conservative’. Conserve, you know, hold onto and protect traditional values and practices.

This foreign bankers darling Turdball, ran the push for an Australian Republic back in 1999. Hardly a conservative.

Turdball’s tax on breathing (aka climate change) views are lock step with Labor.

Labor’s Bill Shorten told Alan Jones today, that he’s a Republican as well. This Turdball really on the right, err, correct side of the fence?

I’ve been saying for years that the Liberals and Labor are two sides on the same coin.

Seriously, what’s the point of getting out of bed on a Saturday and wasting fuel to drive down to the polls, if after a year or two in, our Australian choice for PM gets switched midstream?

Bloody shambles.

  • Caro

    TMT. Turncoat Malcolm Turnbull is also the Grand Mufti of Australia. I saw him on the tele, at the Islamic Council of Australia, speaking in glowing terms of the Muslim community in Australia. How they have enriched Australia with their culture and that they are now part of Australian culture. Speak for yourself, Turncoat Turnbull; you do not speak for me. Australia has been Asianised, Africanised, Moslemnised and terrorised. Now the Grand Mufti Turnbull is hell bent on the Islamification of Australia. Mosques, Halal food, walking black tents and the wearing of nightshirts in public. Muslims in the defence force, what a joke. A Trojan Horse within the gate. Our former enemies, Japan and Germany are going to build the new submarines, another bloody joke. Add to that insanity the proposed same sex marriage (un-natural marriage) legislation.

    “Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

    Advance Australia Fair; another bloody joke.

    An enraged and bitter veteran.

    Mr John JOHN