Police spy on web, phone usage with no warrants

(SMH) LAW enforcement and government departments are accessing vast quantities of phone and internet usage data without warrants, prompting warnings from the Greens of a growing ”surveillance state” and calls by privacy groups for tighter controls. […]

Data available to police, security and other government agencies under federal law includes phone and internet account information, outward and inward call details, phone and internet access location data, and details of IP addresses visited, though not the content of communications. Access is authorised by senior police officers or officials rather than by judicial warrant. Federal agencies making use of telecommunications data include the Australian Federal Police, Australian Crime Commission and Australian Taxation Office, departments including Defence, Immigration and Citizenship, and Health and Ageing, and Medicare and Australia Post. Read More

2009 Flashback: NSW to allow secret searches, hacking

  • Verbewarp

    It’s like masturbation: and premature ejaculation – it’s called “leadership”.



  • aussierod

    LOL, yeap.

    I’m looking to get a full time VPN after reading that SMH articular. I see yours is working again V 😉 There’s a mob (supervpn.net) that will give me a free full speed account exiting in the US / Germany providing I write a review on them first. I’m not sure how to review something I’ve not tried yet.

    Bugger it, oi Australia Post! I got lossy service from you last week. Spy on that without a warrant!