Physician’s Australian Anti-vaccination tour in chaos

(9JumpIn) A speaking tour of Australia by a controversial anti-vaccination campaigner is in chaos, after every single venue refused to host her seminars.

[Dr.] Sherri Tenpenny is the campaigner at the center of the controversy, and she joined TODAY this morning from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States.

Whether Ms. Tenpenny would still be coming to Australia still “remains to be seen” as she explained this morning.

“Many events have been cancelled, I know that we’re still trying to find locations but it’s become quite difficult with the extremists [in Australia] making it very challenging to be able to schedule another event. read more

AM comment: Would this be the same Australia that in the last fortnight stood with France’s ‘freedom of speech’ right? Yeap! The double standard hypocrisy is putrid. Meanwhile children are dying from vaccinations that Bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation financed. Note: AM doesn’t endorse Dr Tenpenny’s “FunVax” claim in the above video.

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