Passport scandal, UN vote not linked: PM

(SMH) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Australia’s failure to support Israel in a United Nations vote has nothing to do with recent tensions between the two countries. The federal government has demanded Israel explain its role in the alleged theft of three Australian citizens’ identities by its spy agency, Mossad, to carry out a political assassination. At the UN General Assembly, Australia abstained from a resolution demanding Israel and investigate possible war crimes during the 2008-09 Gaza assault. Mr Rudd said Australia’s failure to vote against the move was not a manifestation of recent tensions over the passport scandal. "The Australian government always reviews UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions on their merits," he said. "This specific resolution does not explicitly endorse the so-called Goldstone report (accusing Israel and Hamas of war crimes) and therefore we have taken our decision based on its merits." read more

gaza_white_phosphorous_vict.jpgIsrael wants a UN investigation into December 2009 Gaza? Yeah right. If not for the passport matter, would Rudd have then voted for the UN looking into 2009 Gaza crimes? We think so! Arrhhh, the game they play called good cop, bad cop. 1,200+ Palestinians dead vs 13 Israeli dead (eye for an eye?), and all they can play is good cop, bad cop.