Your Subtle Australian Helping Hand: Indonesia, Papua, East Timor, Vietnam

Australian taxes: Better spent overseas rounding up woman and children?

(AustraliaMatters) Hello Australian tax payers. This week in the regular news, while Australia is cutting police jobs in Tasmania, you’re tax funding is being used to train foreign “peace keepers” in Vietnam.

We’re coming into our Australian bush fire season  and rural fire fighters are very important–but hey, screw you and your homes! Governments reducing their numbers.

Meanwhile, in Indonesian occupied Papua (not to be mistaken for PNG) fresh  “claims” of “death squads”. Guess who paid for their training? You the subtle Australian tax payer!

Brings back memories of subtle Australia and our 3 day warning before  Indonesia attacked East Timorese locals. What a blood bath that was.

Great value for tax payers money, that subtle Australian government.

Hold your tax paying heads up high, subtle Australians! It’s all about the minerals and energy resources in those areas. We’ll be rich! Well, someone is getting rich. Gotta love those Cayman Island banking services.

Oi oi oi!

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