OUR PRIME MINISTER IS A CROOK…and now it’s time to go

Do as I say, not as I do.

(Pickering Post) The Opposition is finally asking questions of Gillard in Parliament regarding Slater & Gordon and Wilson.

“Why didn’t you go to the police when you discovered Bruce Wilson had misappropriated union funds?”, asked Julie Bishop. “This matter has been covered exhaustively in my recent press conference,” replied Gillard.

Julie Bishop in a supplementary question asked essentially the same again. Gillard again replied in exactly the same way.

Bishop’s question is ominous and a precursor to what will be later questions regarding Gillard’s recent statement that, “Not one dollar of union funds must go unaccounted for…”.

Ralph Blewitt is speaking to Michael Smith on tape about Gillard’s involvement in the AWU fraud.

It is apparent that Gillard witnessed Ralph Blewitt’s signature when Blewitt was 3,000 miles away in Perth. Gillard can never practise as a solicitor again nor should she be practising as a Prime Minister now. Read more