New Year, Same Crap

hebdo_jesus_slander(AustraliaMatters – Rod Freeman) Better late than never ‘Happy New Year’ to all.

I’ve been in a ‘Ground Hog Day’ like stupor state again–thus haven’t felt compelled to comment on every single irregularity removed from Utopia.

Not that they will ever read here, but a message to the Australian mainstream that are pumping the French shooting matter into our brains ad nauseum.

Can you please show your Judeo-Christian target audience ALL the cartoons that, that French organization were spewing out as “comedy”?

No of course not–those cartoons are banned in Australia under 18c hate laws

Such “comedy” is only funny when such comedians also pick on themselves. They never did.

I’ve seen all their works (you have to dig) that even picked on Jews–not once did they take the piss out of the religion of satanism or their own faith, atheism. (believing everything came from nothing, takes faith)

Stand up for your right to offend people!!! How ridiculous.

Rest in peace innocent French bystanders.

Rest in peace innocent bystanders (US calls “collateral damage”) around the world killed by my allies, and or weapons they supplied the “terrorists”. You never made front page news day after day like agitators did, or have world leaders march down the road for you, but we here at AM will remember you all the same.

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