New world order: Australia at heart of power base

Yes that is a real picture of Obama the Muslim

(OptusZoo) US President Barack Obama will use troop withdrawals in Iraq and Afghanistan to bolster forces in the Asia-Pacific – the strongest sign yet that Australia will be at the centre of a new world order.

President Obama addresses Parliament. We’re here to stay: Obama confirms US presence Their special relationship – the audacity of grope Ear bashing: Obama tries the local lingo The Punch: Gillard and Obama – US forces given the nod Announcing yesterday, during a historic speech to the Australian parliament, that he had already told his national security team to draw up plans, Mr Obama gave his strongest vow to date about more US involvement in our economic zone, The Daily Telegraph reported.

He also promised planned cuts to US defence spending to tackle the country’s debt crisis would not apply to the Asia-Pacific, where existing bases would be strengthened with a greater and more flexible military presence.

The hawkish push into the region was met with a frosty reception from Beijing. Read more.

Editors note: Another main stream media outlet using “new world order” as well. Won’t be long now before traitor Gillard starts parroting the bankster’s mantra. Hey Julia, America has an election law that says BOTH parents of the President MUST be born in America. Barack Obama’s father was NOT born in America. That means he’s illegitimate! What the hell do we pay ASIO for if they don’t tell you facts like that?