New study: Radiation treatments create cancer cells 30 times more potent than regular cancer cells

(NaturalNews) In a groundbreaking new study just published in the peer reviewed journal Stem Cells, researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Department of Oncology found that, despite killing half of all tumor cells per treatment, radiation treatments on breast cancer transforms other cancer cells into cancer stem cells which are vastly more treatment-resistant than normal cancer cells. The new study is yet another blow to the failed and favored mainstream treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out cancer symptoms (tumors) instead of actually curing cancer. Read more

Tony Barry: He knows about and supports Black Salve

Editors note: You heard of the natural compound called Black Salve? It’s legal to use on animals, but not on humans for some odd reason. Actor Tony Barry narrated a jaw dropping documentary called ‘One Answer To Cancer’. A preview of it can be seen here.

  • Verbewarp

    Cancer is a political disease.
    Thanks for the posting!

  • Verbewarp

    Dr. Tullio Simoncini
    I have had a number of years of personal experience and exposure here: all very good indeed.
    I have also read much of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work over the past 50 years and he was a very impressive person; they killed him.

    Received the below in an email.


    Unfortunately the government has now banned Black Salve in Australia. Anyone supplying or selling it faces prosecution and severe penalties. Their reason for this is clear to all thinking people: it works. It eliminates skin cancers safely and cuts out some of the most powerful organisations on Earth — Big Pharma and Big Medicine, and they own governments worldwide.

    We think this is outrageous and if you agree, sign the petition on our website.

    Black Salve can still be purchased overseas, but we cannot guarantee the quality, and Australian Customs may refuse entry. If you are overseas we recommend that you shun the US company, Alpha Omega Labs. They supply it, but we don’t trust them.

    If you can’t get it, you can make it yourself. Instructions are in the ONE ANSWER TO CANCER DVD. Warning: Please be sure to follow the instructions precisely.

    You can find the ingredients here.

    Click for the latest ONE ANSWER TO CANCER MOVIE public screening.

    Yours in good health,


  • aussierod

    I watched docos on Dr. Tullio Simoncini a few months back. He’s the ‘cancer is a fungus’ baking soda guy.

    I’m looking forward to getting cancer one day–I have Elaine’s DVD here and I know how to make Black Salve. If the so called government is reading this, they can go to hell. I’ll do with my body what I like. Fricking turds think they owns us, mind, body and soul.

    Best way to ignore cancer is make their host environment impossible to live in.

    Alkaline body with high oxygen intake, and keep away from Monsanto frankin foods.


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  • aussierod

    And check this one out I saved and uploaded to YouTube…