New FBI Freedom of Information 9/11 Israeli Update

(AustraliaMatters) September 11, 2001, five Israelis were arrested in America as suspected terrorists. One of the five men refused a polygraph lie test for five weeks. All five men failed their polygraph tests. They were eventually charged for visa violations and sent back to Israel where they later appeared on TV claiming they were in America to “document the event”. While in America they worked for an intelligence front called Urban Moving Systems. Bomb sniffing dogs alerted on one of their vans. The vans had access to the WTC buildings before 9/11. G.W Bush’s brother Marvin Bush was head of WTC security. Urban Moving Systems operator Dominic Suter fled back to Israel right after 9/11. This video (jump to 4min 55sec) shows recently released FOI FBI documents that amongst other things, showed how one of the other five also worked in the World Trade Center as a “construction worker” and was in the WTC builds the day before 9/11. What’s the odds of that? There is more dirt on these bozos than was on Australian David Hicks, yet Hicks never got a slap on the wrist and sent home five weeks later.

This all falls under ‘Australia matters’ as 9/11 was the kick off in Australia for the growing police state we have all been witnessing the last 11 years.

I’m sick of being treated as guilty until proven innocent in Australia for the crimes bozos did in America.

Justice is long over due.