Corporations Executing Search Warrants

(AustraliaMatters) Q. What’s almost as bad as a billionaire computer nerd called William Henry Gates III and his dream to reduce world population with vaccinations? A. His kosher computer nerd mates with search and enter powers!

In the above clip, a CORPORATION is given, and executes enter and search warrants on other businesses. This happened in America, but the CORPORATION called Microsoft is world wide. Chances are you’re using *their* (read the end user install agreement) software on your computer.

In this instance, Microsoft’s “DIGITAL CRIMES UNIT” (WTF?) gained entry to a business under the premise they might have “botnets”. I have no idea if that business had botnets before the “DIGITAL CRIMES UNIT” entered, but I’m guessing that business had botnets after the nerds left.

Microsoft claim they’re playing cops to protect their “global brand”.

What a great way to take out a legit company not playing the ‘new world order’ game…

  • make sure your target is using your product
  • run down to the freemasonic courts, grab a warrant
  • tax funded computer illiterate cops sit outside eating bagels giving you protection.
  • wheel in suit case loads of your own computers
  • hook into the protected LAN side of the targets system
  • do what you fricking like

Stuxnet: US-Israel did a similar thing to Iran

Seriously, what’s next? Brand name Ford or GM CORPORATIONS given warrants to search vehicles they sold in case they’re later used in acts of terror, illegal drug transporting, bank robberies?

I’m making a prediction the nerds will try to force this enter and search rubbish in Australia. You own hold a valid copy of Microsoft’s operating system? No, then what better time to change to the free open source operating system that even evil Google uses to run their search engines, called Linux. We use the free Linux variation called Mint Linux, which is based on the very popular Ububtu Linux. (Linux is like the brand Holden, and Holden has many models in their fleet)

-Rod Freeman

  • Verbewarp

    “I’m making a prediction the nerds will try to force this enter and search rubbish in Australia”

    No force necessary as the Fabian Gillard has probably already got the US neocon written draft Bill already through the Senate. Drones in the Cocos and wherever, US troops here and there;

    it’s countdown to WWIII and fascism for all!!!