Must See Video: “Expendable”

(AustraliaMatters) If you’re a regular here, you’d notice I don’t post much any-more. (Happy New Year by the way to Hans and Peter, etc.) If at least 5% of what’s on the front page of this siteĀ  isn’t enough to convince people we’re in deep doggie doo doo, then nothing new added ever will. Site visitor Peter sent this video link that got me off my ass today. It needs to be seen by all Australians! What’s it about? I’ll put it this way–the AFP (Australia Federal Police) won’t like it. Do Australia a favour and watch at least the first 5 minutes. If you’re one of those that the main stream media have turned off to the presented topic, and you refuse to revisit this topic, then you are pure scum and not welcome here at

  • Verbewarp

    No surprises here as we all – or some of us, know – exactly what these treacherous cowards are all about; that is to say, their own agenda comes first and foremost; the Board seats, the Book jobs, the apartments in Nice, gay Paris, Rio and New York, etc., I have met them – dying with their ill-gotten wealth, alone. There is an old saying that all political careers end in dismal failure; it is true, they die rotting inside out, for what they have done to those that trusted them; believed their words and end up paying the price with the lives. Howard was a compulsive liar and a sweaty and smelly little gland only to be bettered by the Fabian cultist and nauseous liar Julia Gillard. Natural justice will take its course, of this there is no doubt.

    What should Julian Assange expect from the machinations of these feral and insipid cockroaches which infest the maggots nest of Australian “leadership”? The answer is to expect the worst and more of the same. Today, it seems that the Obama administration has sold its peoples out in favour of the Banks through an act of the de-legitimization of the Land Laws of those United States of America. There is now no foundation for the US Capitalist base in terms of Law. The Banks will now die; the peoples will revolt and the socio-economic fabric of the USA will comprise of Drones and Internment Camps very similar to Nazi Germany. Fascism does that.

    It is Childhood’s end; we grow up now and become familiar with pain and truth. It is time to open the doors to the back of Plato’s Cave and let the sunlight of the skies, sanitize the putrifications of our Parliamentary executive halls.

    Thank you again on behalf of the Australian Peoples. Tip: Short all Bank shares and buy Gold and Silver hard. This day is near done.

  • My gold is black powder tools deposited underground in vaults along fence lines to throw the bankers metal detectors off.

    I’m still reeling about this #unt and his guided tours of our Australian girl. (turn pop-up blocker on)

    She’s from my local Southport area, for crying out loud.

    I’ll take a leaf from the adversaries (means “satan” in Hebrew) Fabian handbook–at the right time I’m going to strike, strike hard.