Move over WW2 IBM: HP is in town.

(ZNet) Video source and article

(AustraliaMatters) Most of you are using a computer right now where your PRIVATE files that belong to you, are stored on the private computer that belongs to you — That is GOOD — That is NORMAL! On the other hand net nanny police state boss Stephen Conroy is on the “cloud” wagon promoting our private computer files be stored at GOVERNMENT kosher “data collection centers”. Stalin and Hitler would be very very jealous of Stephen conman. We know for a fact that non-government IBM (whom cataloged WW2 prisoners) have a whole floor in a high rise building on the Gold Coast that “data collects” on citizens. Private NGO companies being allowed to spy and hold private files and thoughts is so very very wrong. These aren’t new examples. Do you see what is being built up around us and supported by smiley faced bureaucrats? Now non-government HP and a 54x sized tennis court information collection and storage center in Sydney? Do you see where this is going?

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