Moral objection to fluoridation

Cr Jan Watt(Gympie Times) IN a show of defiance, Cr Jan Watt decided to walk out on a Gympie Regional Council Works and Services Committee meeting discussion about fluoride on Tuesday. She said council was instructed by the Queensland Government to vote in favour of fluoridation and decide how they were going to implement it. Cr Watt said she had a conflict of interest with the discussion as she morally objected to mass medicating without the consent of the people. read more

This woman is a dangerous thought criminal!!! Imagine asking the public for their "consent"? We love you Cr Jan Watt, but we the people that know how to use a toothbrush need your eyes and ears inside with those scoundrel Captain Bligh water dogs.

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  • Russell Luck

    Wow, representation of the public, not the big players of the nation…
    I thought medicating someone against their wishes or knowledge was a Federal crime (unless it is to save their life).
    The million$ that have been spent on this is absurd.
    When almost the entire western world has or is removing this dangerous practice.

    Fluoride is only benefical to your teeths health when it comes in direct contact with them.
    So, how long do you hold the water in your mouth before swallowing it?