Mental health check for kids

(SMH) Three-year-olds will be screened for early signs of mental illness in a new federal government program that uses behaviours such as sleeping with the light on, having temper tantrums or extreme shyness as signs of possible psychological problems. The ”Healthy Kids Check” will be predominantly conducted by GPs, with children who show troubling behaviour referred to psychologists or paediatricians. The program is expected to identify more than 27,000 children who the government claims may benefit from additional support, but who some doctors claim may be wrongly labelled as having a mental illness. While the aim is to prevent mental disorders – 50 per cent of which start in childhood – the Australian Medical Association and some mental health experts fear children may be misdiagnosed or given psychiatric drugs unnecessarily. Read more

Editors note: So who really owns your children? Obviously you do, but any parent that consents to this new bolshevik rubbish, has themselves a case of mental illness.

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