Long Standing Family Feud Threatens Australian Safety


Brothers from other mothers.

(AustraliaMatters) Middle East: X-amount of years ago a dude called Abraham committed adultery with his slave. She bore him a son. This first son would go on to be the linage of the Arabs. A bloke called Mohammad came from that lineage. Abraham had a second son from his marital wife that hung around even after the adultery matter. The second son became the line of Israel. Abraham liked the first son more, but his marital wife and a guy in the sky we never see at the footy, demanded Abraham love the second son more. The rest is boring history. Fast forward a few thousand years to September 23, 2014 and we have the very same Middle East family feud spilling over onto Australian soil with the first shooting of a person that also liked Abraham. Can everyone, Jew and Muslim alike please get over the old family feud for crying out loud? People I tell this story to say I’ve over simplified current events. I disagree. Others have complicated something that stared out very flipping simple.

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