Lawful Aussie Speech: ‘Outrageous Bigotry’?


(AustraliaMatters) We’ve been reading about a 22 year old Queensland woman being processed through the court system for “hate speech”. (That’s the speech we have that isn’t free in a supposed “free speech” society)


Cause: NSW woman Mariam Veiszadeh posted offensive speech on her Twitter social media site. Ms. Veiszadeh is suggesting people are ‘bigots’ that agree with the lawful Australian speech slogan “If You Don’t Love It Leave”.

Effect: Rather than be over joyed, the unnamed 22 year old woman responded poorly when learning she was labeled a ‘bigot’ for liking the lawful “If You Don’t Love It Leave” speech message.

We’ve seen some of the image captured effects from the 22 year old woman – for some reason the effects are way over the top stupid. As we don’t know her Twitter user name, we don’t know both sides of the story. (leave a comment if you know her Twitter name)

Clearly the young woman should have used more decorum while standing up to those that throw hate labels around like fly paper.

Kick Her: Messages received on Twitter can be blocked, as can any senders — yet it would appear the founder of “Islamophobia” Ms. Mariam Veiszadeh chose to leave the ‘effect’ messages flow rather than block and forget. After all, kick her (punishment) court action that Ms. Veiszadeh has chosen to take against the 22 year old, requires a portfolio of evidence, just as a hunters mantel needs trophies.

Those offended by lawful “…or leave” speech obviously don’t “love it” Australia. The message isn’t at anyone one race or religion. So why would those that don’t love it stick around? Maybe an agenda to change ‘sticks and stones’ Australia into something more sensitive and prostrating using our legal system and annals of government? Incremental Sharia state, anyone?

Thanks to complaints against lawful speech, Woolworths prostrated and removed lawful speech items from their stores – you can still buy lawful speech shirts at Larry Pickering’s site here. (no commission taken for the promotion)

notes: Offensive “male slaves” quote source

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