Immigration: Expat Kiwi, Vicky

(AustraliaMatters) Meet Vicky. She’s an expat Kiwi immigrant now living in Australia. We came across her about 12 months ago while scanning YouTube video channels for NWO savvy Australians–her user name is  “manque15

‘Ow no’ we first thought, not another kiwi now living in Australia. We had a listen to what she had to say about Australia anyway.

Vicky still retains a slight kiwi accent, but G-d ow mighty, her love for Australia and our way of life will make you forget about that as she’s getting up “supercilious, genuflexting, sycophant” Gillard. Vicky tells us today; “Ive been here since I was 16 years old and the minute I got off that plane I knew I was home!”

You’ll go a long way to find another NWO savvy person with so much passion for country Australia. She titled the above clip: “The time for political correctness is over! ”

I’m forth generation Qld born with Irish and British DNA, but that DNA immigrated into this land not so long ago. This site supports immigrants that assimilate into our Australian way of life. Enclaves (excluding traditional land owners) piss me off. Vicky passes our ‘give a dam’ tests with flying colors. Speaking of colors, she gets so passionate about Australia that sometimes she let’s a few colorful words slip. This video is one of her calmer contributions in support of us, Australia. You go girl! ^_^

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