Review: Just Say No 2 GMO

(AustraliaMatters) Ow come now girls, what’s wrong with two-headed fish in Queensland, or Australian’s used as GMO lab rats by the CSIRO–the same CSIRO run by a former Rothschilds bankster? Yeah sure anti-GMO protesters gathered at the steps of Parliament House recently, but what would they know. We love and trust the international GMO regulators that choose ignorance over science. It’s about money, control, and population reduction, baby! Didn’t you read Henry Kissinger’s wonderful NSSM200 paper released just before the advent of HIV/AIDS? Yeap, Kevin Rudd’s mate Kissinger openly wrote about plans to reduce Africa’s population! Now they as well are eating GMO corn–well those that are still alive. Did you hear African and Indian farmers are committing suicide because of GMO? Lord William Henry Gates the III did say in 2011 that world population is too high and 3 seconds later recommend vaccinations as a tool. Gee, relax girls, it’s all jiggy, Lord Gates will help them! Come now and drink a nice tall glass of kool-aid and go lay down. Remember to ignore Australian petitions asking for labels on GMO foods. Choice is not an option in the ‘new world order’.