Israeli Court Rules Israeli Citizenship Based on Jewish Descent not Religion or Birthplace

(IMEMC) In Haifa District Court on Tuesday the judge ruled that whether a person is an Israeli citizen is determined by whether that person is of Jewish descent, i.e. born to a Jewish mother following halachic law, and not by their place of birth or whether they are by religion Jewish or not. Haaretz reports that the Haifa District Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal submitted by Professor Uzzi Ornan who has sought to compel Israel’s Interior Ministry to recognize his citizenship based on the fact that he was born in Israel rather than on the grounds that he is Jewish. Prof Ornan claims no religious faith but was born in what is now Israel. Read more

Editors note: Anything you can covert to is not a “race”. Judah was just a man. He had eleven brothers and one sister. They had one father and four mothers. Two mothers were wives, and two were slaves. Judah’s “race”, just like his father Jacob (AKA Israel) was Hebrew. Their descendants are also Hebrew by “race”. Meanwhile we have an Australian called Brendon O’Connell sitting in a Perth jail for 3 years for thought crimes against two descendants of a Hebrew guy called Judah. Yeah, I really respect Judah, the Hebrew guy that threw his own brother Joseph down a hole and left for dead. Great “race” we have intertwined in our Australian politic.

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  • Verbewarp

    The Semites are the 5th. sub-race of the Atlantean Race,
    a primitive tribal conglomerate that worship the Bull, Ba’al or Saturn the planet,
    in conjunctions with Venus.

    Those driving – of Israel – still worship Ba’al but have captured the Jewish religion; similar to the Aztecs, they demand sacrifice to their God. The sacrifices demand huge numbers of their own and others.

    What you see, is not what you get! It is all so written!

  • Verbewarp

    And the key to reaching a comprehension of ALP Fabian motivations – this includes all desperation impositions on societies around the World by the grossly incompetent and self-serving such as Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd – there are many more that should be named:

    “Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to oppress.”
    — Napoleon Bonaparte
    (1769-1821) French emperor
    Source: Political Aphorisms (1848)

    Aye, cockroaches are always feeding in the cracks of our floor.

  • Verbewarp

    Thoughts du jour

    “In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.” – Charles de Gaulle – (1890-1970) French president and military leader

    “Nothing can so alienate a voter from the political system as backing a winning candidate.” – Mark B. Cohen – (1939-) Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

    We Australians do the above so well – just like Pavlov’s dogs.

  • Verbewarp

    The definition of Money and why the Global socio-economy is doomed to collapse so it may be rebuilt from the ashes caused by ignorant and criminal “leadership”.

    Methinks that the events of the day are engineered but by the environment and milieu – we, the meek obey – this is now the downside of the bell curve – mass insanity and madness to be followed soon by mass hysteria. The cohesion of the attentional aspects of humanity draws to a close; integrity is lost; it is the time for the ashes.

    Humanity and civilization did not start Circa 4,000 years BCE – it commenced probably 2+ Billion years (some sources say 4+B) ago – and we, the “white man” cum “westerner” are the culmination at this present time – we are called the Aryan – but there is more to come’ 2 more – clue: the Universal Language (per se) is music – where civilization is relationship and polarization.

    What is the definition of “money” ? This is the question unanswered by the battalions of Economists that are ruling / destroying the World!

    The answer is simply as contained in the following:

    word money: ancient texts have it that a certain phase (Circa 4th. sub-race) of the Atlanteans had and utilized money but they carried it on them in types of materials of skins and tokens (reminds me of a number of the American Indians) which was an indication of the person’s stature, integrity, capacity, credibility, coherency and community standing. It seems like this “money” was not exchanged but the exchange (deal) was carried out by the “word” of each Party, after viewing and validation of each others credentials through this “money”.

    [4:21:36 PM] These people traded; it was the way for the more adventurous; they travelled (widely) and I am convinced that this was the first useage of “money”. entirely different in every important form than that of today.

    [4:23:29 PM] So, we see that “money” was personal integrity – which today has become something else and today, the document of exchange has little integrity due to the manipulations by the Authority that issues such certificates, that is, the Government’s agents; the Central Bankers and Bankers.

    Money once was integrity; personal integrity and as the “word” should be (… in the beginning there was the word and the word was God…) good naturally (carte blanche) – it was capacity and coherence of the self-volume (“I”), the composition of the “I”, it was the direct relationship between right action after right word…of self – clearly and obviously today money represents the integrity of the issuer (please consider this relationship carefully) – which notably is no longer a Nation State, nor the individual, but always the Banker – so Eureka, money today represents the integrity of the Bankers which subordinates the political and bureaucratic as well as the Corporate.

    I have ‘oft stated that the global collapse of today is a lack of confidence in government, which to some degree is valid but it becomes now startling clear to me, as it should the reader, that one must clearly see these relationships in their hierarchy of the – “leadership” unholy alliance – where the Bankers are the Senior Partner (more or less silent but consistent with that which Rothschild stated he cared nothing but to issue a Nation’s fiat) while the political ‘stomachs’ are merely “useful fools” and of not much concern as they are all so eagerly corruptible.

    It is the Bureaucrats, those oppressors and criminalizers of society, defenders of the Banking system, warriors of the suit(any) and ideology (any), and the predatory disease known as the human fungi, that are the enablers ignoranti of oppression, fraud, theft, aggression and mass criminality; the bureaucrats are the Bankers defenders, loyal and zealously and blindly obedient; they are above all, the whores of Babylon. The Corporate CEO’s and CFO’s and their entourages are the mercenaries of money; the dogs of war and the available standing-by wet operations for the Bankers.

    SO, “money’ is now (has now be-come, morphed, has been usurped)the integrity of the Banker hierarchy; and no longer the integrity of the individual and or the Nation State. Think about that!.

    [4:30:25 PM] It is quite possible that the ancient tribal initiation process added to the morality and ethnic ordering of the tribes of each region (see Joseph Campbell) – so that the “standards of moralities and ethics were etched into the tribal culture and tranditions that are carried on by the female through the “blood” of the woman.

    Obviously, money today, is an abuse of the natural relationships between people or, in simple terms, a lack of trust, and a lack of respect where trust, and respect are the innate and essential inter-relationships that bonds man; this bonding is now under-going an alchemical change .

  • Verbewarp

    “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come
    to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.”
    — Ronald Reagan
    (1911-2004) 40th US President
    Source: Remarks at a business conference, Los Angeles, March 2, 1977

  • Verbewarp

    “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”
    — Aesop
    (c. 550 B.C.) legendary Greek fabulist

  • Verbewarp

    I quote:

    The Bolsheviks killed ~20 millions under Lenin – July 1918 onwards

    Under Stalin ~ 43 million

    Some reports are over ~100 millions killed by Stalin including Poles, Germans and other foreigners. Stalin apparently didn’t care who he killed and ended Trotsky – which in hindsight was a good thing!

    The Bolsheviks and Stalin periods were primarily and a priori, dominated by a Jewish majority (~90%) Government in all Departments and Ministries including Secret Police and Military:

    During the Holocaust: Under Hitler

    Those killed:

    Jews- 5.9 million
    Soviet POW’s- 3.3 million
    Non-Jewish Poles- 1.8-2 million
    Romanis (‘gypsies’)- 220,000- 270,000 (but even the higher figure may be too low)
    Disabled- 200,000 – 250,000
    Homosexuals- 5,000 – 15,000
    Jehovahs Witnesses- 2,500 – 5,000

    Makes one wonder why the Holocaust is the ONLY benchmark mentioned?


    While the status of the Government of the US today, matches the exact same demographics as the Lenin Period Bolshevik Russia.


    What does this mean?

  • aussierod

    “What does this mean?”

    It says who has controlled our MSM media for a very long time–and more recently the courts with the incarceration of Brendon O’Connell for ‘thought crimes’.