Islams “Draft Constitution” for ‘Khilafah State’ Australia?


(AustraliaMatters) Stumbled upon a “Draft Constitution” on the Australian Islamic website called HIZB UT-TAHRIR.  Oi Aussie, it might pay to go have a read and see what “failed multiculturalism” is bringing Judeo-Christian Australia…(Caution: their direct link is setting off anti-virus “trojan horse” alarms)

“By proposing this constitution of the Khilafah State [includes Australia?], which the Muslims are working towards establishing [as it isn’t yet established], with the help of Allah (swt), we invite the Muslims in general, and the intellectuals, the scholars and the prominent figures in particular to air their views and to take an active part in debating the matter”
The section called “Army” is a must read.
We should comprehend Muslims don’t just walk into Australia. Our so called government allows them in.
But why? I believe there’s a global push to dilute large Christian nations such as America, England, Australia for the benefit of a third party that’s neither Christian nor Muslim.
Islam’s only 2.2% in Australia at present.
I’m long term vision — give the “melting pot” another 20 to 30 years on the cooker. I’m betting nothing will melt. Look at Europe. I hope I’m wrong.