Inject children or lose money

(Herald Sun) THE Federal Government will withhold more than $2100 in tax benefits for families who refuse to vaccinate their children. The move is a drive by the Gillard Government to boost vaccination rates, with one in 10 Australian children not immunised. Children will have to be vaccinated against chicken pox, meningococcal C and pneumococcal from July 1, 2013. A new combination vaccine will also be added to the program in 2013 to protect children against four different diseases – measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. This vaccine will be given to children at 18 months, instead of the age of four when they had their MMR jab to protect against measles, mumps and rubella. Read more

Editors note: Yeah, because you and your partner made the decision to leave the condom off that night, means squat. The Nicola Ropschitz bolsheviks own your children. Supposedly it’s banned in Australia, but when the KGB gods force vaccines into your, whoops, into their children’s 18 month young bodies, make sure there is nothing in them called “thimerosal”. Check the inserts. It’s a mercury based preservative that has strong links to autism.

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