Yahoo Info Bombs

We’ve been a bit slack not posting bad news here of late. We’ve been spending time posting replies to main stream news reports on a main stream news site, Yahoo news.

This link here shows all our latest info bombs. The good thing about Yahoo news is the large sheeple audience, and automatically submitted comments. If you know the game, come over and help drop some info bombs.

Our new Yahoo user name is Australia Matters. Feel free to add to contacts.

Bombs away……..

  • Anonymous

    Nice. I’ll join in. 😉

  • admin

    Good on you mate. yes

    Most people that read here already have an idea something isn’t right.

    Sadly, most people that read here, only read. The idea is to get those that know writting as well aka educating. Here is cool, but in the zombie arenas like Yahoo where the main stream throw proaganda out to the masses is much more rewarding and overall productive.

    Best tip I can give fellow educators, always try to use their own main stream evidence aginst them. Examplae is the banner on top of AustraliaMatters that’s outragously claiming the cops have been breaking the law and searching private homes without warrants. LOL, that story links to a buried main stream news report.



    Rod Freeman (on the land)