(Pickering Post) As another boat loaded with 80 illegal immigrants arrives on Christmas Island, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, Marty Natalegawa, says his country won’t accept violations of its borders under Abbott’s plan to turn back boats. He warns the move risks damage to bilateral relations. Really Marty?

Islamic arrogance has again reared its ugly head in what is approaching a long-overdue showdown with this nation and its corrupt practices.

Interim Opposition Leader Chris Bowen is right for once and, as a former overseer of this boat invasion, he should know when he said today it was an extraordinary circumstance that Natalegawa had released details of private talks with Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie bishop.

Natalegawa is clearly setting the scene for a shit fight as Bishop, Morrison and Abbott are about to invade Jakarta to bump a few heads.

Indonesia is quite happy to see Australia’s sovereign borders breached on a daily basis. Australia is not happy, and if I know Abbott, he is fully prepared to play hardball with this bunch of unscrupulous monkeys. Read more

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Australiamatters comment: The writing is on the wall.