How traitors subvert Australian voters

(AustraliaMatters) NATO, Bilderberg, Rothschilds and the subversion process to bypass we the Australian voters.

An employee of Rothschilds in France called Hyman Wolfensohn for no apparent reason left his job,  packed up his bags and moved to Australia in 1928. Hyman named his academically challenged son after his former boss James Rothschild of France.

The Australian: “The man who inherited the Rothschild legend”

Like his Jewish father, Australian born James Wolfensohn renounced his Australian citizenship, packed up his bags and moved overseas to run the World Bank. After leaving the World Bank James Wolfensohn came crawling back to Australian regaining his citizenship for future influential rolls. One of those “influence” roles was to push the Rothschild carbon tax crap here in Australia. James’s subordinate was a guy called Kevin Rudd

Patriotic Australian? Even though James Wolfensohn had regained his Australian citizenship, reporter Thierry Meyssan exposes [article] James Wolfensohn as a “core member” of the international Bilderberg group.

Many in the alternative information movement today place Bilderberg at the top of the global power structure. That’s not the case.

Bilderberg is a grooming front for the ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization’ (NATO) Learn more

Core Bilderberg members such as (cough) Australian James Wolfensohn invite new blood to Bilderberg each year to “influence” them into the global NATO agenda.

Russia and China have recently called for a world order. That NATO Wolfensohn world order isn’t the same beast.

NATO is pro-Israel. Israel is anti-Iran. China and Russia are pro-Iran.

The U.N “one world government” conspiracy theories in 2012 are just that. At last count the U.N had something like 66 sanctions against Israel. NATO on the other hand has none.

China and Russia don’t want anything to do with NATO. Is it any wonder today we have NATO member state America setting up militarily here in the Asia Pacific region?

May 2012 Australian “Mark S” under NATO command running terror drills on American soil.

VIDEO: June 2012 unelected NATO leader calls for Australia to join NATO

VIDEO: Whoops, too late — May 2012 Australian troops already under unelected foreign NATO command

How do we control our troops while they are under unelected NATO brass blowing innocent people up? S44 (i.) of the Australian Constitution bans “allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power”. Are Australian troopers like “Mark S” that wear foreign insignias, traitors to Australia? Dam right!

This is the same unelected NATO that recently bombed the hell out of Libya and are now screwing around with Syria. NATO are behind false flag operations like “Operation Gladio” that targeted innocent woman and children.

NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is an unelected ass wipe running a one world military force on behalf of NATO founders such as Rothschilds.

Did Australian voters ask for Bilderberg NATO scum like Wolfensohn and their “nationalism is dangerous” [article] influencing our (cough) Australian leadership? NO!

What would the Jewish guy James Wolfensohn think about Israel’s strong stance on Israeli nationalism? Obviously he’d be a strong supporter of that nationalism. Ask him the same question about Australian nationalism and watch him squirm.

Where does Fabian Gillard stand on this NATO subversion through it’s front men like Wolfensohn?

What’s the penalty for subverting we the Australian voters and our Constitution?

What’s the penalty for treason?

– Rod Freeman