China ‘has Australia space tracking station’

(AFP) HONG KONG — China has acquired a space tracking station in Australia, its first such facility in a close US ally, a news report said on Saturday.

The station in remote Dongara, about 350 kilometres (217 miles) north of Perth in western Australia, was used during Tuesday’s launch of the Shenzhou VIII mission, Hong Kong daily the South Morning China Post reported.

The United States and the European Space Agency have long had tracking facilities in Australia, including the joint US-Australian Pine Gap satellite station established decades ago near the central outback town of Alice Springs.

Reaction to the Chinese station, its first in a key US ally’s territory, will be closely watched to see whether Washington will raise objections. Read more

Editors note: So much for our Constitution and National Sovereignty. Communists on Australian soil as well. Breath in deep — that’s the stench of treason again.

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