Healthy food cost outpaces CPI by 29pc

health food(ABCNEWS) A welfare agency wants an inquiry into rising food costs, particularly for healthy options. The South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) Cost of Living report has compared the prices of healthy food such as bread, meat, fruit and vegetables with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). It has found the cost of healthy food is up more than 9 per cent more than the general food price rise since 1990. Healthy food prices have outpaced the CPI by 29.2 per cent over that time. Read more

This is all by design. Healthy people can think objectively. Corrupt so called governments that are instilling incremental socialist fabianism hate citizens that can think. We’re not alone. Countries in Europe are pushing to ban the sale of commonly used heath vitamin supplements from supermarkets and health food shops. The idea is give government lackey doctors the power over vitamin use. For more about that look into “codex alimentarius”.

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