Hamid Karzai lashes Aussie troops over deadly raid

(The Australian) AUSTRALIA’S reputation in Afghanistan was under fire last night after President Hamid Karzai lashed out at Australian troops for killing a 70-year-old man and his son in a “unilateral” night raid in pursuit of the rogue Afghan soldier who killed three Diggers last week. Read more.

Editors comment: The above video we picked to go with the story is from March 2012. Ask yourself why Afghan soldiers would go on shooting sprees in their own country. Ask yourself why our ‘balanced’ media didn’t remind us of what happened March 2012. We’re the good guys–we can do no wrong! Right? Sure, the trooper in the video that killed 16 Afghans (3 women, 9 children, 4 men) was an American, but in the eyes of the occupied, we occupiers all look the bloody same. Get that hell out of their country!

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