Juliar Rothschild’s Carbon Tax Poison Pill

Professor Henry Ergas

(AustraliaMatters) Let’s assume Tony Abort gets in next selection and moves to rid the country of that bloody Gillard Rothschild carbon tax rubbish–Bird cage liner Gillard has installed something akin to a poison pill should a future government think of undoing what she achieved for her “advisors”. Alan Jones interviewed a bloke with more credentials than Moses about a sneaky ploy of the Juliar Rothschild government. OzUnited.info saved this short clip of Alan Jones and Professor of Economics Henry Ergas speaking about the Gillard “poison pill”.

Gillards_poison_pill_carbon_tax.mp3 (1mb 8 minutes)

  • Joe

    Julia Gillard is nothing else as a Rothschild Agent and her downfall is approaching very quickly because the Australian People are sick and tiered of her lies and deceit!

  • You got that right, Joe 😉