Gillard’s Comrade: Barry Hussein Soetoro and that Birth Certificate.

Yes this is a real photo! Yes his name is Barry Hussein Soetoro!

(AustraliaMatters) This site is usually about Australian matters, but this Barry Hussein Soetoro story from America would have an impact here at home. Why? If Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio can prove (I’ve seen his evidence and am convinced) President Barack Obama’s (AKA Barry Hussein Soetoro) Whitehouse issued birth certificate is not authentic, then Gillard has legal Constitutional problems–starting with that foreign military base Obama (cough, AIPAC) wanted set up here in Darwin. Silly me, regardless of comrade Barry’s credentials, that foreign base on Sovereign Australian soil contradicts Section 44 (.i) of the Australian Constitution that reads as follows…

44  Disqualification (for all members including the Prime Minister)

Any person who:

(i)  is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or

The trouble is the word “acknowledgment”. The traitor has to acknowledge their own treason before action can be taken against them. Time for a Referendum rewrite on S44, eh?

  • Verbewarp

    Yes it is of interest but Karl Denninger pointed all this out previously, some months ago, on Market Ticker.
    Valid Points but,

    Obama runs nothing; Zionist Israel runs the USA (as well as Australia),

    and with the coming crackdown on US citizens that have been passed into Law,
    Zionist Israel will impose its will on the Global diaspora,
    which will end in nuclear war.

    Do we really want this?

    I am pleased that you ran with this as well as your other stories.

  • People have used this stated Law many times, but two points i make keep reading and you will find out.

    1) I think while John Howard was in Office they added a section, the whole section does not make sense, to see if they did add anything behind our backs you have to get the original copy of the Australian Federal Constitution to check

    The bit i think they added behind our backs is No Minister of the Crown section 45 applies to which means Rudd and Brown and Gillard you cannot get for this.

    But that being said Kevin Rudd is an ordinary pollie now, so he can be sued under section 44

    It should also be pointed out in section 45 it says where somebody has been attained look at the legal definition of “Attained” Julia Gillard as of 2007 had somebody suing her in the Supreme Court meaning she was “Attained” or accused of “Treason” publicly by having these Court actions started against her

    In which case she should have resigned her seat untill after Court Hearing and case was over, instead she snubbed the Law and got sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister knowing full well she has to resign.

    Legal Indictment Against Kevin Rudd MHR

    Read down the page here about this Petition with evidence about Kevin Rudd, its ready to fill out for anybody who wants to submitt it to Parliament.

    Rudd Gillard Legally Cannot Stand as Prime Minister of Australia

    also that

    But lets get serious, people can make all the statements they like, but as the real story tells the case, after these people are elected to Parliament whether they lie their way in or not

    Once there, they command the State Police, Federal Police, Security, ASIO, ASIS, Office of National Assessments and the Australian Military they command them.

    All they have to do is order the “Full Organs of The State” to attack anybody who tries to get them out of Office

    Besides that to sue them under the Constitution dont you have to go to the Federal Court or High Court?

    Who has the money, untill they make the legal system easier that anybody off the street can take legal actions in any Court of the land it it wont break them, then these people will get away with blue murder, breaking the Laws

  • Verbewarp

    It seems the Labour defeat in Queensland was the finger to Gillard and her gang of Fabian cultists. Good, but now she must stay there to keep “Abbort” toothless and away from the halls of power:

    On the bright side, we have just witnessed the most desperate term of government in Australia’s history and that is saying a hell of a lot as we a totally miserable record of responsible government from all parties but I think that Gillard has easily defeated Whitlam as Australia’s worst Prime Minister.

    The greatest liar award goes to John Howard, the smelly sweating bush-sheriff-in-chief.

    The panic now is to keep house prices up so the banks etc., don’t go bankrupt and need another round of stealth bailouts like the US GM and Ford, etc.

    Smells like bad governance, looks like bad governance; must be a black duck down. LOL

  • aussierod

    Hi OzBoy1717. Cheers, I’ll check into that. Queen Victoria never gave Royal accent over the 1901 Constitution anyway. I play the game Mark McMurtie does–that being using the contradictions already there in one way or another.

    Verbewarp, yes we Queens_land_ers kicked out Fabian Bligh (great great grand daughter of captain William Bligh) but the right wing on the same bird is there. Newman is a complete joke as well. I’ll probably get an ear bashing for saying so, but the last real spanner we had to throw into the contrived rigged system, was Hanson.