FIRE WATER: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 1 of 9)

New Australian documentary released today we’ll be sharing. Thanks to our friend Scott who is also¬† in the film with his beautiful daughter Jessica (in part 3 onwards) for the heads up about the film and it’s release today.

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  • Anonymous

    thank you Australia Matters for the post.
    now lets get this chemical waste out of our children’s mouths!

  • Anonymous

    I mentionedvthis to my dentist and, well it was a strange conversation. Surely they must know where it
    Comes from. Who here uses F free toothpaste?

  • admin

    Our family uses F free. It’s available in the supermarkets as well. Sounds like your dentist thinks it’s normal to swallow sunscreen to protect from skin cancer? Get hime a copy of the DVD here if you don’t know how to save from YouTube to DVD for free.

  • Anonymous

    No, dentists are ‘too busy’, to care, or, research. Most just ‘regurgitate’ what they are given by the Dental lobby, or, government departments. See the following playlist interview from www[dot]firewaterfilm[dot]com www[dot]youtube[dot]com/user/SapphireEyesDocos#grid/user/CB9C521C7CDD5C4E for further information about what dentists ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ do – they just ‘believe’, and ignore the FACTS. It’s a ‘fluoride religion’ – not, Science. It’s the dentists that are the ‘fluoride nuts’. Oh, and everywhere fluoride is, bad teeth follow… that’s why a dentist WON’T take up a position in a non-fluoridated area in Australia – there is simply, not as much money! ie. Fluoride works for dentists hip pockets! It’s a corrupt business, with the company’s pushing this agenda, to dump toxic poison in our drinking water, and make us, walking waste-disposal units. Shame, shame, shame. But, people are too dopey, too dumbed-down (fluoride has done it’s job), to give a rats…. sad.