Fingerprints seen as tool to toughen port security

(SMH) LAW enforcement agencies are pressing the federal government to introduce mandatory fingerprinting for 200,000 airport and port employees to reduce the risks of terrorism and criminal infiltration of the aviation and shipping work forces. CrimTrac, the agency that carries out checks on criminal records of workers with access to sensitive areas in airports and sea ports, has told a parliamentary inquiry that existing name-based background checks can be evaded with the use of aliases or assumed identities. read more

In 2010 CrimTrac is only just now worried about taking finger prints to stop evasion "with the use of aliases or assumed identities"? Did they just get back from a nine year smoko break after September 11, 2001?? Those boggie man  terrorists have had nine years to "evade" Australia but must have been on holiday as well? Will CrimTrac destroy employees finger prints when they leave airport and port industries or will they stay on a national guilty until proven innocent data base forever?