Demo: Cloning a Verichip Yourself

Clone Verichips(Jonathan Westhues) I used a relatively sophisticated piece of electronics to clone a Verichip. This made things trivially easy. Even though I had never seen a Verichip before in my life, I just had to write a hundred lines of code; but because I used my proxmarkii, I’ve heard claims that it is impossible to talk to a Verichip without expensive equipment. I therefore wanted an inexpensive cloner, with decent read range and a simple user interface. It should be easy to build, and it should not require a PC to operate. This will make it easy for anyone to clone a Verichip themself, without spending a lot of money. It’s also a neat demonstration of just how much a low-end microcontroller’s peripherals can be twisted to do. read more

This skill needs to be copied by as many people as possible as it will render the “new world order” cash-less society agenda to use these chips in humans, a waste of time.