‘Death Star’ Australia?

(AustraliaMatters) March 2011 our so called loving Australian hired help were seeding the idea of more (hello, Pine Gap echelon that supposedly didn’t hear and stop the bad guys before 9/11) foreign US troops in Australia.

Those seeds are sprouting in November 2011.

Why do we need America and their weapons of mass destruction toys (ask Iraqis born deformed from D.U post 2003) on Australian soil marking us a hot target for the commies we sadly buy our socks, jocks and other crap from?

According to our AM visitor VerbeWarp, Australia is being set up (AKA used like a cheap whore) as a “death star” launch pad against China should they stop playing nice ball. Makes sense, to an extent.

Trouble is, China was a rice patty not so long ago and Rothschilds CFR (ask Myron C Fagan) puppets like Kissinger and Billy “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton were the front clowns handing (setting up?) China their first super computer technologise to design submarines that could pop up in the middle of US navel exercisers without being spotted. Chinese bankstes are trained at Oxford in England etc.

Some U.S. deep sea ports were given to China as well.

Yeap, China is in control of some U.S. deep sea ports and Australia’s chitty chitty bang bang Collins class submarines aren’t worth squat. That’s been known for yonks, yet the tax collectors kept throwing our $$ at that joke.

Today China holds trillions in US treasury bills (not worth the fractional reserve paper they are printed on) and have a $200+ billion lean on our Australian way of life thanks to dog dropping Wayne Swan.

To me it all seems like a bad joke, a silly dream on we the Australian people — but why?

The hired help in top level positions in Australia, America, and China, etc. are Freemasons. What are these GAOTU JAHBULON buggers up to? Global population reduction through warfare etc? Their 10 commandments suggest so.

Put the Rubiks cube down — this is one of those puzzles  where everyone is welcome to join in and share input about on the AM forum

  • Verbewarp

    The US economy in my opinion is already gone and only held together by the Regulators allowing an environment of total and rampant corporate and banking fraud, however, the centre cannot hold and as such the visible collapse could occur any day; it has begun and it is now merely the associations of events that will bring about the final spontaneity of inevitable collapse.

    And this could happen even before Europe, the collapse of which is nigh.

    I am hoping for this collapse as in may baulk the US in their “now” Permanent military occupation of Australia as I have some extensive experience in this arena, this will not be pretty. The USA has invaded many sovereign Nations since Vietnam and Australia is just another on the list. What country in Gillard, KRudd et all afraid that will soon invade China? Have we gone devolved back to the 1930’s? And when this threat of another “yellow peril” echo from the past, passes, just how do we get of the USA? We don’t you say.

    As far as I am concerned, Gillard and her whole Party should be put on trian for Treason! Why stop here?

    You have to come to the conclusion that “leadership” do not intend to change their ways or change the system that is still allowing them to reap huge profits – all of which is merely a transfer of future wealth derived from the peoples of the planet into future generations. In other words, looting. The game is “debt” and not “capital” a priori, and as such the political game is fascism and not capitalism.

    You can also see that not only the unelected bureaucrats of Europe have no intention of losing their positions of power, it is also so for all “leadership” of the World. IOW the Global Economic Collapse which is now a certainty, is about unemployment, that is to say, “leadership” unemployment.

    I am also of the impression that the US could now actually collapse financially before Europe as it can be seen that the US Corporate and Banking scene, permits indeed, encourages any amount of, at unrestricted levels, blatant corporate fraud. This is not going to change.

    The driving force is the neoclassical economic ideology, where War is the preferred economic stimulation. That is what we see in US Policy clearly and is etched in the PNAC as the guiding principles for the USA for the next 100 years.

    The USA has become that openly practises War and genocide on Nations that can easily buy of defeat while at the same time, openly admits that War is its National Policy.

    Gillard has signed on here and on Remembrance day, Obama announced Gillard Lies to the Australian Public when he announced the the US Military Occupation of Australia was now to be PERMANENT and not temporary as the Fabian Gillard cult had informed repeatedly. The next day, Obama made mention of multi-billion dollar investment in the US bases. So, the US Military Occupation is also huge growth model. No surprise here at all.

    It has now been rumoured by folks that I know close to such things that the Carbon Credit Tax scam is the source of the money for Gillard’s new military initiative said to be in the order of A$300Billion. And along with this, will return to a military CONSCRIPTION Policy as much more new blood and collateral will need to be spilled and trained to operate the submarines, the tanks the aircraft as well as all the supporting operation.

    Why? Of course, a nuclear attack on China. So, the argument for clean air is really a Clean Air scam to create nuclear radioactive radiation to destroy all life on the Australian continent and thereabouts. Your mileage may not vary.

    What has happened is that Australia and Australians have been sold to the American neo-cons who intend to conquer and control every resource in the entire World and they will kill every person that gets in their way and destroy every Nation that stands up to them. Is this not clear by evidence

    The USA declared War on Australia and our “leadership” collaborated with the enemy; WWIII is over and we lost. Now WWIV begins; the economics War with China that the USA believes that it needs.

    The USA military Occupation of Australia will now grow as Australia represents the most perfect geo-political military base on the Planet for The USA. It can attack anywhere while its domestic population experiences of fear of annihilation by nuclear retaliation.

    Today, Gillard the Fabian scourge has announced her intention to begin exporting raw nuclear materials and thus will fuel the fires of human genocide of the Kissenger model. Humanity 7 billion today and tomorrow 1 Billion

    Below the Fabian Shield of honour: the wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is what also passes for the Profession of “Economics” and “Economic Theory” and Mossad ‘Through stealth and deception’.

    Australia has been sold as the optimum sandbox for nuclear war.

  • Good to see you got in OK, Verbewarp.

    “Gillard’s new military initiative said to be in the order of A$300Billion”

    The carbon tax is Rothschilds baby.

    I wonder what China thinks about puppet Juliar RedShield letting U.S. park more of their military butts here.

    I’m of the belief that Prime Minister Harold Holt was taken out because of his objection to America setting up Pine Gap in Australia all those years ago as well.

    I wonder if Juliar (sic) scuba dives in her past time?

    It’s like a bad dream, but worse, because it’s all real and I only have plastic knives, forks and a wireless keyboard to defend myself with.

  • Verbewarp

    My apologies for the broken grammar in my above post but I am sure you get the point: Just to be clear,

    M’s Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia, and all government appointees who have supported and abetted the Agreement for the United States of America to have Permanent Military Occupation in a growth model, of Australia – should be immediately charged and put on Public Trial for TREASON.

    The Carbon Credit Legislation that has just been past by the Senate and enacted into Law should be investigated to establish if the reasoning and intention of the Legislative Tax is primarily for the purposes of a Military building up of Australian Forces for a Joint Military Offensive, together with the US Military forces, against China.

    The US Policy of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) – available publically – is known to be the US Public Policy today and insofar as much as this Policy calls for 100 years of offensive Wars by the USA, Australia need not be a part of such Policy and hence A Court of the Australian Peoples must be established to determine exactly what the US intends for Australia and just how the Australian Peoples are to fare.

    Any investigation must also determine if this approval of the Permanent Military Occupation of Australia by the USA was ordered by the Queen, representing the Powers of the United Kingdom of which Australia is established constitutionally as a single federated Colony.

    Today, China represents Australia’s largest if not only Client Nation so what is the basis for M’s Gillard leading Australians into a conflict with this Nation? This must be clearly established in a Court of Law.

    On the other hand it is in the Public Domain that the USA sees itself in conflict with China and despite that such a conflict has no merit whatsoever in terms of so-called Neoclassical and Keynesian economic models, both of which equally have no scientific integrity whatsoever, and as the state of the US socio-economic and economic and financial practises have devolved into a swam of lawlessness, it is necessary to establish for the People’s Court of Australia, the implications for the Australian Nation.

    Furthermore and with sound determination the Laws of Australia through its Courts, the passage of elected and non-elected representatives, Members of the Parliament on any basis unofficial foundation whatsoever, must be imposed on these persons and their staff, from visitations with, telephone conversations with and all other possible interchanges with both the Embassies of the United States of America and Israel in the first part and all other foreign houses of representative Powers.

    We need all Australians to stand up and reject the US Military Occupation of Australia before the attack on China, which will be nuclear.

    M’s Julia Gillard must be charged before the Courts of Australia with Treason and Tried Publically as provided for under Law, accordingly.

  • Your grammer is fine.

    My P.O.V is China was built up from a rice paddy (so to speak) to a super power with the help of America, Oxford England, Kissinger and Associates, etc.

    Buy why? Cheap labour? Biblical Armageddon prophecy? Loto numbers? Boredom?

    Why now the news of America coming here, to protect us from something they allowed to grow?

    Maybe “blow back”, is my guess, or it’s all just a game.

    Wars are a great way to start new economies and reduce “useless eater” populations at the same time.

    Georgia Guide Stones target of world population reduction to 500 million is on the play book.

    I want a rocket ship, and outer this zanny place run by psychopaths.

  • Verbewarp

    “Why now the news of America coming here, to protect us from something they allowed to grow?”

    Because, for the USA to launch 100 years of War on the World, which is their Foreign Policy, Australia represents the perfect geo-political strategy of any country, of any location, of cheap “leadership” for sale.

    Allow me a link: http://verbewarp.blogspot.com/2011/03/operation-death-star-australis.html

    In this article of my Blog I attempt to give some the most relevant reasons that the USA wants to deploy its military in Australia so I summarize:

    1. The citizens of the USA would object to this continuing War under the PNAC POLICY but by moving their Operational HQ to Australia and with the benign MSM of bother the USA and Australia (same ownership) they need not know too much that is, it is not in their face and there is no risk of a nuclear fallout on US soil.

    2. There are only some ~23m Australians less that in Orange and LA counties, so who will care about them while the Gillard KRUDD kissy kissy (sick) team allow the Kissenger Global cull from 7 billion to <1billion?

    3. Logistically Australia is ideal for nuclear storage if you believe there are not US nukes stored here already.

    4. Listening Posts for Asian chatter ideal

    5. Control over the African invasion and takeover (planned over 25 years ago) perfect position from WA

    6. Southern Polar Route control over the Russian Northern Border, perfect

    7 Security in Austrlia's inner deserts provide perfect security arrangements,

    8. LOgistics in Australia's North and inner areas, represent no resistance to building roads, bases, airfields and whatever, and then plus some.

    9. Australia's "leadership" have sold themselves so there is no problem here, they will do as they are directed or else.

    10. Most Australians have no idea of War and are scared, easily scared and have already been scared; scared enough to hate anybody. During the last War II – I can remember being taught in Sydney to hate Chinese, Japanese, Germans, the Italians, the frogs, the Jews, etc, in school. And that remained in the Australian culture (such as it is) for many decades.

    11. Those in control in the US know that their Empire is economically and socio-economically screwed and the default belief is that at times such as these, War stimulates the economy; Yes the PNAC is very clever indeed for the lay person but it is a fraud!

    12. Capitalism: The World has NOT been run on a Capitalist model for at least 4 decades; it has been run on the consensual silence of elite fraud and the evidence for this statement is not only pervasive but ubiquitous.

    13. And with any amount of US Military presence in Australia + drones do you think they will take note of what some Gillard or KRudd or Abbott is going to say?

    14. If we ask them to leave nicely, do you think that they will nicely give up what will have become a US asset?

    Sorry, game over.

    (I see why my grammar is bad – the select feature is very sensitive – not a complaint – I will get used to it.)

    P.S. I have a lot of close friends in the USA and this hurts our relationships.

    Let the dead bury the dead.

  • PNAC, like the heads of the FED, Goldman Sachs etc are mostly dual Israeli American citizens.

    There is no loyalty to America by those running it.

    I truly feel sorry for the poor tax paying American sods that fund Israel to the tune of 15+ billion per year (source: Former Ohio Rep. Jim Traficant)

    Speaking of Jim, he is one of those, been there seen that, lived that, people I’ve formed some of my opinions on over the years. Have a watch and see what you think. He thinks Israel runs America…and I tend to agree with him after seeing Netanyahu get 29 standing ovations earlier this year in the US congress.