Death for Chan and Sukumaran while home-town kingpin gets reprieve

hypocrite(SMH) It’s a tale of two drug rings in Indonesia. The first manufactured kilograms of the drug ice, known locally asĀ sabu sabu, at a factory in Surabaya and pumped it out throughout the country, hooking Indonesia’s youth. The second was the Bali Nine plot to transit 8.3 kilograms of heroin from Thailand to the streets of Australia with a brief stopover in Bali.

Both drug rings were busted by Indonesian police and the perpetrators brought to the courts. The key figures in both were handed the death penalty. But that is where the similarity ends. read more

AM Comment: Abbott recently offended the poor old anti-East Timor , Bali bombing, Indonesians while reminding them hard working Australian tax payers paid $1B towards the clean up of their country after the 2004 tsunami. We’re pissed he forget to tack on the $500M Gillard gave Indonesia in 2010 for their schools. How about we bill them for all the boat people that leave their Indonesian shores? Indonesia looks more stupid than ever now news of an Indonesian drug lord is being spared, while two Australians are facing the firing squad.

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