Court up in fluoride debate

al oshlack

(Econews) Rous Water [a company]  will seek further legal advice about the prospect of successfully defending a case in the Land and Environment Court taken by anti-fluoride activist [an Australian person] Al Oshlack. Mr Oshlack lodged the case back in July and his evidence was filed in court on October 8 and 11. His case asserts that the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) adopted by Rous at a meeting in April was invalid because councillors were forced into a situation where they were voting under duress and that there was not sufficient information about the release of fluoridated water back into the environment. read more

There’s your evidence one person can make a change. Not everyone that drinks municipal drinking water wants to be mass medicated at the same time. We love you, Al yes

  • Anonymous

    I don’t need fluoride in my water. I took “F” tabs when I was younger. In fact I am from a family of 6 children, all over 45 now. We all took F tabs when we were younger.
    There is ONE — YES ONE ONLY filling amongst us all. If that doesn’t show the benefits of fluoride for your teeth, I don’t know what does. That was years ago, and now I don’t need it anymore. Why can’t the Govt. make the tablets available to those who want them. For those who don’t – well, let their teeth rot away like they do now. If you haven’t taken the tablets for a couple of years when you were younger, all the very best of luck with your dentures and massive Dentist bills in later life.

  • admin

    Mass medication is mass medication no matter what the agent it's placed in.

    Cut out western processed sugar foods like mars bars and coke a cola, and see what happens.

    Diet my friend. The "food" you put in your mouth will determine decay.

    Ever seen early photos of Islanders before being given western food — folks from Fiji etc — they have great big white teeth without fluoride. Some cultures even file their teeth down flat. Doing so on a western diet is impossible because of the pain processed sugars would add.

    Lazy western mothers and father that support fluoride are the same lazy parents that feed the children junk sugar foods.

  • aussierod

    Conspiracy, where? It’d be good news if ASIO was worried about anti-fluoride campaigners. It would be an indicator of how dull other matters have become.


  • Scott

    I agree totally Admin’.
    I’m dead against it.
    My son and I use tank water and a filter to avoid it a little.
    And, agreed again, anyone with eyes can see how good the teeth were on ‘uncivilised’ Aboriginals of the world, prior to our ‘educating’ them.
    It’s funny how everyone who promotes Flouride is named ‘Anonymous’.
    I heard ASIO does a lot of ‘Black’ work on the net now.
    (But that’s just a conspiracy, isn’t it ?)

  • Anonymous

    I really wasn’t going to bother with a reply to this but just wanted to know if you KNOW what Flouride is? If you did you would know it’s a toxic poisen. Has nothing what so ever to do with teeth. Flouride is in toothpaste and mouthwash’s and many other items. Rotting teeth is not about Flouride and not taking it, it’s about all those lollies, ice-creams, soft drinks fed to our kid’s daily.