Corporate Media Ignores Report of U.S. and Israeli Operatives Arrested Aiding ISIS


Photo obtained by Press TV shows Israeli soldiers with foreign-backed militants near the Israeli occupied Golan Heights in Syria.

(Infowars) More evidence U.S. and Israel directly aiding ISIS

A story over the weekend stating American and Israeli military advisors were arrested in Iraq aiding ISIS was not reported by the establishment media.

According to Iraq’s Sarma News Agency and the Iranian Tasnim News Agency, the four foreign military advisors were captured during a military operation in the Tal Abta desert near the city of Mosul in Iraq’s Northern Province of Nineveh.

Three of the arrested men were dual U.S.-Israel citizens and a fourth Persian.

On Thursday Qasim al-Araji, the head of the Badr Organization in Iraq, told parliament on Thursday he has evidence the U.S. is arming the Islamic Army, according to a report carried by the Arabic language Almasalah.

“What is important is that the US sends these weapons to only those that cooperate with the Pentagon and this indicates that the US plays a role in arming the ISIL,” Iraqi intelligence claimed in December. read more

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