Conspiracy Fact: Dodd Reece Commission Cover-Up

(AustraliaMatters) In the above video from the mid 1980’s, we’re shown a fellow called Norman Dodd who was given the job in 1952 to head an American Congressional investigation into tax exempt foundations like Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie. Yes, American matters, but effects Australia still today.

What Dodd and his investigators found and presented to the US congress was astounding, and very quickly covered up. I’m not one to spoil a good movie plot, but this is no movie.

Dodd and his investigators discover that Carnegie with the help of Rockefeller were seeking to push communism ideals on America. See my post prior to this to learn who created communism.

Dodd’s investigators discovered in the board room notes of Carnegie…

  • A plot to start WW1 before the idea ever entered the minds of Americans (and Australians)
  • Requests to the US President to keep WW1 going longer.
  • Plans to move with influence in the areas of US education making sure America never turned back to pre-1914 days. (when a grade 3 child was smarter than a year 2012 grade 6 child).
  • Carnegie sort to infiltrate and control graduate history teachers for their own ends.
  • Erode national patriotism and the love of God.

This all sounds crazy — even wikipedia admit the investigation as fact and it’s very very quick cover up that is still unresolved today. True students of history need to take time out to hear Mr Dodd’s information.