Conroy suggested ALP staffer for NBN job

Mike Kaiser(SMH) A former Labor powerbroker being paid $450,000 a year as the NBN Co’s government relations point man was recommended for the job by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. Mike Kaiser took up the role with the NBN Co – which will build and operate the $43 billion national broadband network – after quitting as Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s chief of staff last year. The appointment of Mr Kaiser, who will earn more than the prime minister, has raised allegations of political interference on the part of Senator Conroy. read more

The hubris from the special boys masonic, fabian, rhodes club is amazing. Mikey was found guilty of vote rigging in Queensland, and now today he’s being paid more than PM Rudd with your tax money?


updated 09/02/10: Emperor Mikey isn’t very popular today

related: "Kaiser is a Jewish name and ornamental from the German "emperor""